Very Honest and Trustworthy

I used Nairas' Team to sell another home for me in the past so it was a no-brainer when it was time to sell my current home. Naira came over, explained the process to me and went into depth about what we could expect. I was surprised at all of her new systems and it was very obvious to me that she takes her Team very seriously. She had accomplished a lot since had last sold a home for me. Naira and her team followed up with the agent for every showing and she made adjustments to her marketing accordingly. It was obvious that she had her finger on the pulse and watched in real-time what the market was doing. Soon enough, we had our buyers and entered into escrow. Again, Naira explained in detail the process that we were about to start as we entered that phase of the transaction. There were no surprises and once again, I was happy with Nairas team!


Can't Imagine What We'd Do Without Her

Incredible! Enthusiastic, friendly, expert, go-getter, responsive, passionate, and a clear vision – these are the first few words that come to my mind as I’m writing my review for Naira & Karine "mother-daghter team". Naira was simply the best agent I could have ever found! I had worked with many agents in the past for my investment properties, but Naira is simply unique for a couple of reasons: 1. She knows exactly what an investor looks for and she prepares the ROI sheet when she recommends an investment property for you. That helped me a lot to look at the numbers along with the listing. 2. Naira is a ONE STOP SHOP - Realtor, Property Manager, Trusted Adviser. For an Investor, it is very hard to find everything in one place.


Experienced and Committed

Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes. Honestly, in the past 6 months working with Naira to find the perfect property, I never waited any longer than 5 minutes for a response to a text, email or a phone call, it’s bizarre really! No where do you find that level of customer service these days. You literally feel like you are the only person she is working with to help find a home, when clearly, that is not the case. If you are thinking about selling or buying, Naira's endless fiduciary dedication to you will be incomparable! I plan to always continuing my relations with Naira and I recommend her expertise to anybody looking to do a real estate transaction!


True Professional

I called Naira to sell my property after receiving some advertising in the mail from her. It was honestly a little unbelievable but I thought I’d give her a call anyway. Naira & Her Team offers a guarantee where they say they will buy your home if they cannot sell it. I didn’t believe it but Naira told me all about it and provided legal contracts that show that its true. Once I saw what it was they do to sell homes, the reason that they will buy a home if they cant sell it becomes obvious: Their systems for selling homes are SO MUCH BETTER than any other agent we interviewed that its highly unlikely that they will have to buy any home – its going to sell. Once my property was ready for sale it went on the market. After a very reasonable amount of time we had an offer and we sold for a very fair price. We are extremely, extremely Happy with Nairas' Team!


Highly likely to recommend

Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Naira and her team! They will treat you with the courtesy, professionalism, and respect you should expect when dealing with real estate professionals. My husband and I were relocating from another state and Naira was a huge help. We first reached out to Naira and told her about our situation. We then provided her with a list of homes we wanted to see and the date of our next visit to Southern California. Naira got to work and put together a schedule of all the homes we sent her, plus some others she thought we might like, and spent all day Saturday showing us the properties. Our day spanned several hours, three counties, and seven properties. Throughout the entire time Naira was as pleasant as can be. Five Star Agent!


Highly likely to recommend

With her long years of experience as a Realtor/Broker, all of those years specializing exclusively in Glendale land and property, she bring exceptional market knowledge and a dedication to providing personal, friendly, professional service to every land buyer and seller she work with. Naira helped me to purchase 5 lots, she represented both seller and me, was on top of everything till the closing. Let me go in details: Nothing is quite as satisfying as being with a buyer on a parcel of lands that very first time hits them and they know that this is their future home site. That’s when her real work begins. Naira's knowledge of pertinent easements, access issues, utility services, deed restrictions and architectural guidelines, surveys and encroachments, zoning and slope ordinances, soil and hydrology issues, etc., are the “meat and potatoes” of her work. Glendale lands is her business. How well does the property fit the type and size of desired home? How much site work is needed on the land? What will the property cost? What views may be blocked by neighboring property? Specialized in Glendale Lands, 5 Star Agent All Around!

Farzinah L

True Professional

Buying a house is a daunting task, and since it is something you are unlikely to have much experience doing, you need to have someone who has helped clients find the right house for years. Naira spends the time day one to find out what you really want..she asks detailed questions until she has a very good idea of who you are..Then she gets to work bringing only houses to you she thinks will fit. Naira has lived for years in the neighborhood, knows every street and has sold many of the houses there. She knows the micro climates, the schools, the bus routes, and where is the best place to buy. Most of all she loves being a realtor and knows which houses are coming on then market. It's like having a family member working for you. She's insanely responsive ..always returning calls and emails in minutes. Finding a house in Glendale is very tough and negotiating the final deal is the most important deal you will make, and having Naira as our broker got us our dream house.

Mark B

Satisfied Buyer

We bought our first house and Naira was our Broker. She was wonderful to work with. She was really patient with us and walked us through the whole process. She also took a lot of time to figure out what we were looking for and what our priorities were in buying a house. It was like working with a trusted friend who knew our taste and could easily assess whether a property could work for us or not.. When we had an offer accepted she was extremely thorough with the various inspections and made sure that we stayed on track with everything that we needed to do during the escrow process. I felt like the process could have been much more stressful if we hadn't been working with someone who was so competent and detail oriented. I would highly recommend Naira for anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Glendale!

Stephan S

First Time Home Buyer

I would highly recommend Naira as your real estate agent. Her long experience in the business really shows through. Naira is very knowledgeable about the market, she lays out the facts very clearly at each step of the way so you can make the best decision you can. Naira is very organized, punctual and mindful of your schedule. She's very flexible and always available to answer any questions. I loved Naira's approachability, sound advice and reliability. Naira always kept me updated on any and all developments in the process. I never felt pressured or in a rush to make a decision. You know she has your best interest in mind. Naira is an awesome real estate professional - she made the process so easy and I would highly recommend her!!

John N

Happy Clients

I really don't even know where to start with this review but let me just say that Naira is by far the kindest, most knowledgeable, and most trustworthy real estate agent in the city. This was my first time purchasing a home and I literally knew nothing about the real estate market. Naira was extraordinarily PATIENT with me and actually listened to my concerns and questions about the real estate market. She was able to find me a place that fit EXACTLY what I was looking for at a price that makes me smile every time I think about it. This was huge for really not having a very firm grasp on the market here except for knowing that it was pricey and that there were some neighborhoods I wasn't interested in. On top of that my situation was that I was on a tight budget and was looking at some fix-me-up properties and with Naira's experience she was able to accurately assess the condition that each property was in. This women is really does do absolutely EVERYTHING to make you a satisfied client and I can't recommend her highly enough. If you are looking to buy a place don't waste your time with people who don't know the market and don't treat your purchase as something special, GO WITH NAIRA!

Artur K

First Time Home Buyer

My husband and I (first-time buyers) worked with Naira to buy our home in Glendale and we cannot say enough good things about her. She deserves every superlative for her excellent, proactive, client-centered, responsive and successful services as a real estate agent. She exceeded our expectations in every way. If you are looking for an agent in Glendale, do yourself a favor and contact her for a sit down meeting. You will be glad you did!!! Why does Naira stand head and shoulders (at least) above other agents in Glendale? 1. She is extremely smart and knowledgeable, which comes across from the start; 2. She knows everything about the Glendale market (neighborhoods, overlooked streets, what comps you should really pay attention to, scheduling inspections, etc.); 3. She is the most responsive professional you will ever meet; 4. She makes you feel like you are her only clients; 5. She educates you about the process and market, but she remains attuned to what you want and what kind of home you will be happy in; 6. She sees the deal through from start to finish with the same attention to detail. Ok, so when we started interviewing potential agents in Glendale I became resigned to the fact that it's a schmoozy industry where agents above all need to be personable and smooth. I wasn't learning very much (i.e., not much substantive takeaway) from these meetings, and agents' statements such as "All my clients really like me, and I want us to be able to meet for beers even after the deal is over" rang hollow and disappointing. Meeting Naira was COMPLETELY different. After 1 hour with her I felt much better-informed about how the process worked (I mean specific details and strategies, not just first comes a bid, then comes blah blah). In the end, we got the killer view we wanted, and the quiet street, walkability and flow of light I wanted in a fantastic neighborhood. Impressively, she stayed focused and detail-oriented all the way through the closing. We never felt dumped or abandoned, even after our offer was accepted. We are so grateful to Naira and would recommend her to anyone!

Emily V

Happy Clients

Can't say enough good things about Naira, and I can't think of a single bad thing to say about her. She is very knowledgable and thorough, yet approachable and easy to work with at the same time. She bent over backwards for us, giving 200% effort and going well above and beyond. I have worked with her through two transactions, one that was a short sale that another agent was unable to negotiate to a close. She is great with communicating, answering your questions (and finding out answers to things she may not know right away), and making sure you understand everything and that you feel comfortable with the process. She is prompt, super responsive and on top of things, and an extremely sharp negotiator. We also worked with her in the purchase of a condo. She stuck in there with us through the long process of finding the right condo for our needs, and then in purchasing a short sale that seemed to have complication after complication due to the sellers' situation. I would give her 6 stars if that were an option. Highly recommend Naira for all real estate needs!

Robert S

' We bought our first house and Naira was our Broker. She was wonderful to work with. She was really patient with us and walked us through the whole ... more '
by stephansmary
' Buying a house is a daunting task, and since it is something you are unlikely to have much experience doing, you need to have someone who has helped ... more '
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